Fine Food, Fine Pork...That's All.


All Is Not Lost....yet

Michael Ruhlman offers some insightful and perhaps comforting observations about the status of our current food culture.  At times it seems somewhat scary and even hopeless that an increasing number of people are "forgetting" how to cook at home and turning to processed prepared foods. 

There is, as Ruhlman points out, a movement that is also growing rapidly and with great passion and zeal to return to the ways of our ancestors.  To take pride in preparing food and pleasure in the rewards of its sustenance to our family and our culture.  In an age where text messaging and twitter are continually growing as the preferred means of communication, it is even more important that we not let go of our mealtime, not only for the nourishment it provides our bodies but for the social interaction we so desperately need to develop and grow as humans. 

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