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Chicken Fat and Haricot Verts

The best green beans in the world...hands down.

Protein:  Flank steak marinated in a paste of shallots, garlic, rosemary and canola oil.  I used a mortar and pestle to make the marinade.  A food processor works as well.  The steak marinated for 3-4 hours though it would be ideal to marinate overnight.

Starch:  Shallot roasted potatoes.  I bought these beautiful red potatoes from a roadside vegetable stand not more than a mile from my house.  I par-cooked them in a pot of simmering water before slicing them into 1/2" coins.  As you can see in the picture, I preheated my cast iron in the grill and then sauteed the potatoes.  Once they have a nice sear on them you can throw in some butter and shallots, toss them a bit and then close the lid to roast them.  

Vegetable: Green Beans (also from the veggie stand) sauteed in chicken fat.  As delicious as the rest of this meal was, the green beans stole the show.  They were fantastic.  They were blanched and shocked beforehand.  Once the potatoes were done there was still enough fat and lots of flavor in the pan to saute the beans.  When they were almost done I dropped in the chicken fat from earlier in the week.  Once again, I cannot tell you enough how wonderful chicken fat is and the amazing depth of flavor that it adds to vegetables.  

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