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Simple Pleasures: Fat and Bones

It is only fitting that I begin this blog with one of the most basic dishes in my repertoire.  It also happens to be one of my favorites.    For this meal I used a small Red Bird Farms Chicken.
While RBF is not a small mom and pop source for chicken, they do have some of the best chickens in Colorado.  Their prices are higher but well worth it.  If sinking your teeth into the crisp skin of a perfectly roasted chicken isn't reason enough to prepare this meal than the anticipation of the byproducts should be.  

With the bones off a small chicken you should be able to make about a quart of stock.  I like to freeze my stock and re-use it for the bones of my next chicken making a double or even triple stock.  I cannot, however, understate how wonderful and delicious the fat off a roasted chicken can be.  Most people throw it out I assume.  I on the other hand, skim it off the top of the pan juices and reserve it in the fridge for a later time.  Until that time...cheers.

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